Executive Medicals

Previously necessary only for insurance policy applications, executive medicals are increasingly being recommended by Doctors for both men and women for general health purposes and dealing with the challenges of aging.

The aim of screening is to diagnose conditions early, improve prognosis and reduce complications. Annual testing creates a comprehensive record of your health – an invaluable tool in today’s stressed and busy life.

CAA and FAA Aviation Medicals for all Pilots

Dr Niemann has attended courses at the FAA in Oklahoma City, USA and is qualified as an Official Senior Aviation Examiner able to undertake FAA Aviation Medicals for all Pilots.

Additional tests, of specific application to pilots and frequent flyers are also available. Medical screenings are personalized for each patient. As such, the exact will vary from patient to patient dependant on what is undertaken. Furthermore, additional tests by off-site medical specialists may be necessary.

What does the Screening Medical Include?

Depending on the individual, medical screenings may include any/all of the following tests:
  • Height and age to weight analysis
  • Family history questionnaire
  • Full physical examination and Visa Complexion Analysis to assess sun damage and skin texture, including a check of moles – particularly important to South Africans subjected to the intense effects of the sun.
  • Health risk and lifestyle assessment and consultation session to identify your approach to nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, smoking cessation. alcohol use and personal safety.
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Multi-stage treadmill ECG or resting ECG, which demonstrates changes in the heart’s electrical activity, damage such as blocked arteries or irregular heartbeats.
  • Ultrasound of Abdomen – helps diagnose aneurysms, gall stones, kidney stones and disorders of the abdominal and pelvic regions.
  • Pathology tests i.e. Lipogram, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Mineral Elements – potassium, HIV/Aids test if required, Blood and platelet count, Thyroid function tests. These tests detect indications of anemia, low grade infection, diabetes, thyroid disease, gout, liver and kidney disease and can highlight cardiac or stroke risk factors.
  • Prostrate tests in the case of males over 40.
  • Lung Function Test – detects emphysema, bronchitis, asthma and or other pulmonary problems. As we age, our lung capacity tends to decrease and annual tests record lung functioning over time.
  • Hearing tests – most individual tend to underestimate the degree of hearing impairment and delay using hearing aids.
  • Visual Acuity Tests

A full written report by Dr Niemann will be sent to you after your visit to the Practice. It contains details of your test results and recommendations for your personal wellbeing, advice on lifestyle to help improve you health and reduce the risk of illness.

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